Andrey Germanov was born on June, 17th, 1932, in Yavorovo, a village in Eastern Bulgaria, one of four brothers. His father worked in a factory making roof-tiles in the summer and as a tailor in the winter. Serious reading held an honored place in the household.

Andrey Germanov attended the high school in nearby Dulgopol. He graduated Russian philology from Klement Okhridski Sofia University.

Andrey Germanov taught Russian at the Dulgopol high school. Later he worked as appointed poetry editor of Bulgarski Pisatel (Bulgarian writer Publishing House). Then Andrey Germanov was first deputy editor of Narodna Mladezh (People’s Youth Publishing House) and of Savremennik (Contemporary), a leading literary magazine. Since 1974 he was editor-in-chief of Plamak (Flame), the leading monthly of the Bulgarian Writers’s Union.

Andrey Germanov published more than 30 books since 1959.

Andrey Germanov passed away on May 15th 1981 in Sofia.